Testimonial – Victor Mendes (Rafael)

An admirer of “Domésticas” movies, was very excited to Victor Mendes embarked on auditioning for the role of Raphael, the shy orphan from Os 3 to São Paulo to study and eventually dragged by Hurricane Camila-Caze. “Rafael was described as a quiet boy, closed, who likes to write, and falls in love with Camilla,” says Victor. “I began to study the role, the character’s behavior, as he put it. So I began writing some poems that I took to the test. It worked. “The first one who Victor identified himself was Gabriel – it was not long, were promoting festivals jokes and composing music, singing to the director at lunch. “Juliana was more reserved at first, but soon fell,” he says. At 23 years of age, Os 3 was Victor’s first experience in cinema. Culture on television, he participated in the All That Is Solid series can melt and in the theater, the show Music to slit your wrists. He began to study acting at 14 and currently studying in distance education.